Ringo and the Guardians of the Waterfall

by Eve Vermazen


This is a tale about a mythical waterfall guarded by six rock guardians that exist deep within the earth. 

The waterfall is under threat - it's walls are crumbling, it's rythm disrupted.

The guardians are waking up from their rock slumber and it is up to Ringo to find out why.

It's important that the guardians don't wake up, for if they do, it can only mean one thing - trouble for humans and animals alike.

Time is short. Ringo must hurry!

Intended Readership

Children aged 6 to 10 years.

Ringo and The Guardians of the Waterfall is a story designed to teach young children the importance of how precious our enviroment is. It brings to a child, through their imagination the importance of looking after our water supply and what happens if we don't. 

The basic message hidden in the story is about respect, not just for our rivers and streams, but for the animals and humans as well. My hope is that some little part of the message will remain with a child forever and that they will remember Ringo and take his message of respect out into the world.



Generously illustrated throughout with colourful illustrations designed to stimulate your childs imagination.
All illustrations by the author, Eve Vermazen

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About the Author

Eve Vermazen lives on a small farm with her husband and two much loved dogs Ringo and Sebastian, deep in the Southern Wilderness area of New South Wales, Australia. By introducing children to her mystical dogs, she hopes to open up a child’s natural curiosity to the possibilities that life can bring through sheer imagination.

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Copyright: Eve Vermazen  (2017)    
   ISBN 9781786122445 and ISBN 9781786122452